Capsula Recommendations: Best Buys on Black Friday

Black Friday is often synonymous with overproduction, impulse purchases and deceptive prices.

At Capsula, as we value sustainability and support the 'less is more' policy, we want you to have a conscious shopping time.

To help you we leave you with some suggestions so you can shop with awareness but without worries.

Linen Sets

Our linen sets are the epitome of the slow living concept. Simple, free and timeless, they are that piece that should never be missing from your wardrobe.

Capsula presents you with several different sets from the SUMMER FRESH and BLOSSOM collections so that you can buy the coordinates you always wanted with 20% discounts.

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Tamariz Camel Dress

With the perfect length and a delicate frill, this linen dress is a showstopper and the balloon sleeves gives it a unique, timeless and romantic look.

This model from the HORIZON collection has a 15% discount and combines the subtlety of linen with the sophistication of the cut.

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Silk Sets

Silk sets are an elegant and timeless option. In its essence, the pieces are refined and contemporary.

This model from the FREEDOM collection has a 15% discount and its fluidity and lightness stand out, characteristics of this very delicate material.

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Magnolia Yellow Dress

This long-sleeved, asymmetrical yellow silk dress embraces delicacy with luxurious softness.

You can now purchase the Magnolia Yellow Dress from the FREEDOM collection with 15% off.

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New collection

Capsula's new collection was inspired by the contrast of autumn colors and the vineyard landscapes of Portugal.

Subtle pieces from the ESSENCE collection created for the bold woman who love living their life at its fullest are now 10% off.

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