3 tips for a more conscious lifestyle through fashion

For Capsula, not only is important to think about the materials that are used to produce the collections, betting on a constant search for new natural and environment-friendly materials, but also to manufacture quality pieces that can last longer and reduce consumption.

When we buy new clothes, we're helping to increase the textile industry's footprint, which is felt, above all, in water consumption and carbon supplies - around 2700 liters of water are needed to produce a simple cotton shirt.

1. Practice the "less is more"
Buying less but with more quality is one of the first steps to contribute to a more aware and caring planet. Better quality pieces will naturally last longer and make you buy less.

2. Bet on a capsule wardrobe
No, we're not talking about us! A capsule wardrobe is a more concise closet where almost all the pieces match to each other. This concept allows you to combine several looks with few pieces, avoiding excesses.

3. Recycle, reuse, repeat
Starting from cleaning your wardrobe can be a good way to start. If there are pieces that you no longer use, you can always offer them to someone who will use them, so that the useful life of that piece can remain intact. Furthermore, repeating looks doesn't have to be a drama, quite the opposite.

Small steps to reach a happy ending, desired by all: conscious fashion for a better tomorrow.