Capsula recommendations: environmentally friendly hotels in Portugal

Booking a vacation at the last minute can become a dilemma. When choosing accommodation, there are several factors to take into account and, with the sustainability factor being increasingly important, why not bet on an environmentally friendly holiday?

More and more, there is a bet on sustainable and ecological tourism and the accommodations are paying attention to this. You've certainly noticed, in hotels, the requests to save water in baths and reuse towels, so that water and detergents are not wasted unnecessarily, but assuming sustainable and ecological tourism takes this concept even further.

See the fantastic suggestions we've prepared for you.

Natura Glamping

From its 925 meters of altitude, the view of Natura Glamping at the top of Serra da Gardunha, in Fundão, is capable of stealing our words.

This glamorous camping accommodation, with geodesic format, will allow you to enjoy a unique experience and, at the same time, offer an ecological, glamorous and innovative concept of Nature Tourism.

Natura Glamping domus have photovoltaic solar panels, use LED lamps, have flow reducers and water timers. In fact, water from mines in the Serra da Gardunha and borehole is monitored for consumption by guests. In addition to sorting the garbage, biodegradable cleaning products are used, as well as biological personal hygiene products (soaps, shower gel, lipstick, etc.) and biodegradable are offered to guests.

Also, in terms of sustainability, the products consumed at the restaurant are produced locally, focusing on seasonal and organic products.


Areias do Seixo

This is another example of eco-friendly accommodation, concerned with sustainability and reducing the ecological footprint. It has an organic vegetable garden and garden and, since its construction, there has been an environmental concern: the integration of the building takes advantage of the terrain's morphology, the use of local materials and a geothermal system, to take advantage of the earth's interior temperature, and cork to thermal insulation. In addition to the system for capturing and channeling rainwater, as well as springs, it has a composting circuit, and guests have access to consumption of electricity, water and gas in real time.

With the “zero paper” policy, everything possible is presented in digital format, from the restaurant menu to the wine list. And the space shows the reuse of construction materials in the creation of decorative pieces.

900x650_Cocoon Eco Design Lodges

Cocoon Eco Design Lodges

An hour's drive from Lisbon, in Comporta, there is an eco-modern development, located in a 30-hectare pine forest in the south of Herdade da Comporta, comprising 10 sustainable bungalows, designed to coexist in perfect harmony with all of their unique surroundings.

With contemporary and simple constructions, built with attention to the environment and sustainability of materials, each Lodge offers modesty and tranquility as well as all the conveniences of modern life, such as WI-FI. In addition, there is also a biological swimming pool, a tree house, a Moroccan tent, a vegetable garden and a wild forest with no end in sight. If you want to take a beach holiday without giving up the countryside, this is a great stay solution to enjoy as a couple, as a family or with friends and enjoy the simple things in life.

With an enormous area of 300,000 m2 and a low occupancy density, Cocoon differentiates itself from other rural tourism enterprises and exemplifies a new concept of habitat.​


Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park

This ecotourism has 12 eco houses and two tree houses, all with contemporary and comfortable interior decoration and large windows.

Outside, the earthy tones of the structures blend in with nature and the wooden terraces are ideal for breakfast or a late-afternoon drink. Upon request, the eco houses have babysitting and take-away services.

There is a restaurant, the Tea House, and a leisure area with a cinema room, snooker, table football, a bar and a kid's club for the children to be entertained. The spa with treatments and massages was designed by Siza Vieira and built in the former thermal spa.

900x650_Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort

Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort

Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort complements the best of the surfing experience in a family environment with an ecological glamping accommodation offer, based on the principles of sustainability without compromising comfort. Bukubaki is the perfect vacation spot for active families (with children), for adventurous people looking for thrilling experiences, mindfulness and tranquility.

The houses suspended from the tree, halfway between the sky and the earth, are like nests in the trees, all equipped with ECO heating. Inserted in the captivating spirit of the glamping experience, the tents promote awareness of nature and the return of human beings to their natural eco-system. Inside the tents reigns the simplicity of a Glamping experience with the comfort of a bed and handcrafted furniture.

The restaurant combines the best flavors of the sea and organic agriculture produced by local farmers, in a cuisine made with the love and flavor that so characterize the Mediterranean tradition, common to Portugal and Italy.

900x650_Santa B†rbara Eco-Beach Resort

Santa Bárbara Eco-Beach Resort

Nestled between the mountains and the sea, Santa Bárbara Eco-Beach Resort offers the best experiences of both worlds, between the contemplation of the mountain that shelters Lagoa do Fogo and the beach with more than a kilometer of sand.

Families and adventure lovers can enjoy endless experiences that convey “Azores living”, from walking tours to the adrenaline of using a surfboard for the first time, or simply contemplating the unique greens and blues.

900x650_Sublime Comporta

Sublime Comporta

On this estate, amongst stone pines, there are 22 new villas to discover, a biological garden, two restaurants and a spa. At the Sublime Comporta Country Retreat & Spa, everything is in harmony.

Sublime was born in 2014 on a beautiful estate that extends over 17 hectares. The hotel has several villas with a contemporary interpretation of the typical “cabanas da Comporta” – there are villas with 2,3, 4 and 5 bedrooms and all have a private pool, indoor fireplace with access to the outside and terraces facing the green and to nothingness.

Be sure to try the Sem Porta restaurant, where local products and producers, regional and national knowledge and flavors are privileged. There is a seasonal cuisine, of communion and full respect for nature. The Chef uses regional products, working with fishermen, farmers and local wineries, prioritizing fresh, and whenever possible, organic products.

900x650_Pestana Tr¢ia Eco-Resort & Residence

Pestana Tróia Eco-Resort & Residence

Pestana Tróia Eco-Resort & Residence, located on the paradisiacal Peninsula of Tróia, comprises more than 180 tourist accommodation units. These Villas, owned by private owners and tourist explored by the Pestana Group, have a perfect natural setting, their own decoration and a privileged location that provide their guests with a unique experience.

The surroundings of the Villas are focused on preserving the environment and the region's natural species, with gardens made up of native plants, white sand and wooden decks. The aim is to establish a perfect harmony between the buildings and the environment, inviting all guests to use sustainable vehicles, take walks on the bridges and have a more ecological experience.