The silk of peace

Working to build a sustainable future is a great challenge and a long-term commitment. For us at Capsula, sustainability is a journey we take step by step, each time a collection is born.

In their essence, the exquisite and contemporary pieces of the Autumn-Winter 20/21 collection embody the way the modern woman wants to live her life: comfortable, elegant and with respect for the environment and for life.

To convey this timeless sophistication that never goes out of style and, at the same time, guarantee the commitment to minimize our impact on the planet, the new collection was born from one of the most coveted, dazzling and seductive fabrics ever produced: silk.

The discovery of silk by man is full of legends. One such legend tells that, around the 27th century BC, the Chinese Empress Hsi-Ling was resting in the garden and, while enjoying her afternoon tea, a cocoon of the silkworm must have fallen into her hot drink. The empress realized that, when softened, the cocoon could be unrolled, forming a thread. Hsi-Ling became interested in the art of creating cocoons and took the silkworm caterpillars to their royal quarters, where he protected them from their natural enemies and time, thus initiating the domestic silkworm culture.

Legends aside, we know that since its origin, silk has been cultivated from silkworms that subsist on the leaves of mulberry trees, a process with low impact because mulberry trees are resistant to pollution and easy to grow.

When handcrafted, silk has almost zero energy consumption and meets most guidelines for sustainable fabric production. However, although silk is a natural fiber and can be cultivated sustainably, its production comes up against ethical issues and is often criticized for the controversial treatment of silkworms.

Conventional silk is made by boiling the intact cocoons and then unwinding the silk cord into coils, but the so-called organic silk or “peace silk” lets the silkworm live its full life cycle.

Currently, our silk garments are manufactured with 94% materials from sustainably sourced materials. The only added component is spandex. A small percentage, enough to avoid deformation of the part over time of use.

Our goal is that all our items are manufactured with 100% sustainable materials. Until then, we will continue to bring you “non-seasonal” collections, aiming to present durability, utility and comfort in a contemporary way, while we continue to work to make our collection even more sustainable.